Among the services we offer are remodeling of buildings and the maintenance of them. If you want to change the style of your home, office or business and adapt it to new needs, remodeling is an excellent option. The changes can be from superficial renovating finishes, to drastically expanding and relocating the spaces with which it currently has.

Any space has the possibility to adapt to your needs, regardless of the type of construction you can always do a remodeling that integrates your current needs or rejuvenate the construction in order to provide the comfort you need.

Residential & Commercial Service

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Turnkey Project Management

The concept of Turnkey Project Management (TPM) for construction projects is to reduce the clients’ expenses and the effort for monitoring, individual coordination and planning to a minimum. Advantage is to protect our clients from the consequences of voting problems and design errors, which are often the cause for considerable time delays and lead to cost increases.